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March 12, 2009

never change, frilly, and ordinary tenderness
posted by soe 4:46 pm

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Last night as I walked from a chocolate shop to the grocery store, I passed by two couples, still dressed in their business attire. The men strode ahead, but the women lagged a bit behind. Suddenly their arms went around each other’s shoulders and they began skipping. Their giggles and the clickety-clacking of their heels against the sidewalk carried over the night’s blustery wind.

2. Macy’s window displays have changed to spring outfits. One mannequin wears a flouncy, floral skirt over piles of crinolines. I want a crinoline and wonder where I could wear it to justify the purchase. (I think this revelation may surprise everyone who knows me in real life.)

3. Two unexceptional-looking people, probably close to my mother’s age, stand against the wall outside Metro Center. The man leans in close to zip up the woman’s coat a bit more and give her a gentle kiss.

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