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March 10, 2009

tuesday tune at twilight
posted by soe 4:53 pm

Sorry for the confusion of yesterday’s post. It wasn’t actually a bad day. It’s just that the Monday after Daylight Savings Time kicks in is awfully rough for non-morning people when they have to get up to go to work. Since I was on vacation, my day started off in a lovely, relaxing way.

In fact, I was able to:

  • block Gramma’s birthday present, which turned out lovely. Mum and Rudi have pictures, so I will share them at a later date.
  • Find the pie plates I asked Mum to save for me when they were helping Gramma move out of her house.
  • Play in the snow, which involved romping with the dog and building a snowman. Photos to come after I download them from the camera.
  • Eat lots — Tacos for lunch and a delicious fish dish for dinner, with leftover birthday cake for dessert.
  • Knit a few rows on the sweater I started, while sitting in front of the fire Dad built for me.
  • Drive much longer than usual, because Rudi adjusted the headlights of his car so they aimed at the road. I was so enchanted with being able to see it, that I stayed behind the wheel until 2 a.m., when we crossed the Maryland border.
  • Today I was a little tired, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. The great news for today is that Rich Wilson, the American sailor I’ve been following as part of my job, has finished his solo sail around the world in just over four months. He became only the second American ever to finish the grueling Vendée Globe race, so we couldn’t be more pleased for him, particularly given this year’s high attrition rate amongst his competitors.

    In his honor, I offer you this Beach Boys classic, even though Rich has been sailing an Open 60 yacht and not a sloop:

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