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March 26, 2009

a “w,” paid advertising, and lazy sunday
posted by soe 3:32 pm

Sorry for the blog silence. We’re having connectivity woes at home and I was sick yesterday.

As I play catch-up on some other posts, I give you three beautiful things from my week to think about:

1. UConn handily advances to the Sweet Sixteen with a trouncing of Florida. Berkeley is our next opponent, but I don’t envision as easy a win.

2. Qualcomm has bought out every billboard at Metro Center. Every time I enter or leave the station, I’m reminded of Grey Kitten. I think it’s nice of his employer to do that for me.

3. On Sunday, Rudi went off for his first long ride of the year, so after I hit the farmers’ market, I headed to Georgetown to spend the day by myself. The sky was blue and the sun was warming, so first I laid by the canal, then later moved down to the bank of the Potomac for a nap. Although by the time I rose to head home I needed a shawl, for a while I had bare toes.

The powers of collective thought are strong, so I’m hoping you’ll all do me a favor. Tomorrow morning, my friend Rebecca is having surgery. If you could keep her in your thoughts and send healing vibes and prayers toward Washington state, I’d be grateful.

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The only time I’ve ever visited D.C. was in March (a long, long time ago). I loved the relative warmth of that visit and still remember wearing shorts while ice skating on the Mall. (Minnesota girls don’t usually get to do that!) I’m jealous that you’re already going to Farmer’s Markets!

You got it on “good vibing” Rebecca. Hope all goes well.

Comment by Catherine 03.26.09 @ 10:44 pm

Thanks, Catherine. We’re really lucky in that we have one farmers’ market that goes year-round. Lots of root veg and cold storage fruit, but some farmers have started using their greenhouses to grow smaller things like arugula to keep us going.

Comment by soe 03.30.09 @ 11:06 am