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May 30, 2008

my d.c.: newspapers
posted by soe 7:24 am

Newspaper Machines

This row of newspaper machines, found along a generic half-block stretch of Connecticut Ave., reflects the affection D.C. holds for its printed matter.

D.C. is home to a number of print media outlets: two real dailies (The Washington Post and The Washington Times), a faux national daily (The McPaper aka USA Today), two free weekday rags (The Examiner and The Express), a citywide weekly tabloid (City Paper) and any number of weekly neighborhood publications (such as the The Creek.

We also like to read other cities’ news — thus the stands for the Wall Street Journal, the N.Y. Times and Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Baltimore Sun.

Despite the District resident’s fondness for online news (I admit to an RSS feed bookmark from the BBC on both my home and work machines) and for CNN (where other cities broadcast sports in their bars, at least one set here is always tuned to cable news), I still think that, at heart, we love our newsprint. People gobble up the free newspapers as if they were samples at a barbecue, and the Metro is filled with readers hiding behind their broadsheets in the morning.

And let’s face it: while job and apartment hunting is infinitely easier online, there’s nothing like curling up with the Sunday Post and a hot drink and reading the comics. They just aren’t as funny on a computer screen.

Don’t forget to stop by fellow My D.C. photogs Hillary, Sarah, Rudi, and MsP. Mia, who blogs about her Maryland town of Frederick, is currently on hiatus dealing with a family situation. Our thoughts go out to her.

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