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May 6, 2008

the garden, week one
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I’m going to be mean and put off my Sheep and Wool Show and Tell until tomorrow.

Instead, I offer you Week One photos from my garden plot:

This is our gigantic sage plant, the lone holdout from the previous owner of our community garden plot. Believe it or not, the week before, when I was turning over the garden, I chopped a third of the plant off. (By the way, does anyone local need sage? Rudi and I are drowning in it.)

Sage, Year 2

I am a lazy gardener. If I can get away with putting pre-bought plants into my garden, I will. Last year, my broccoli and lettuce plants did remarkably well, and, not being entirely devoid of sense, I figured I ought to buy some more for Year 2. Here they are in the ground and looking fine.

Broccoli SeedlingsLittle Lettuces

A week is not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. But in terms of a seed, it’s a lifetime. My peas and beans were already sending up little shoots after a mere week. Aren’t they adorable?

Peek-a-BooGrowth Spurt

During Week 1, I added more beans and peas to my tee-pee trellis. Instead of following the directions on the seed packets, as I did last year (which netted me a small, if sincere, crop of peas), I opted this year to just plant them all in a confined area and see what happened. If nothing else, this ought to prevent me from accidentally pulling up the bean vines when I mistake them for early-stage Virginia Creeper.

Garden Teepee

(As you might guess from the above shot, I waited until it was raining to head to the garden. I swear it wasn’t raining as I was packing up to head over. In fact, I suspect the very first drops of mist touched down as I reached street level outside the Burrow. But by the time I was done in the garden, it was definitely coming down at a consistent drizzle.)

I also planted zucchini and yellow squash seeds. Again, I planted more of them this year than I did last year, when I was warned that I didn’t want to be overrun by squash. While that’s a fair warning, I can’t think that the half dozen squash I did pick last year was anything close to being an overwhelming harvest.

I leave you with this shot. Violets are one of my three favorite flowers. Mia thought I was crazy last year when I announced that Rudi and I had dug a bunch of them up from around the garden and replanted them in the back corner of the garden. But doesn’t it just look so lovely there?

My Violets

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