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August 17, 2006

kosher, new high scores, and snuggling
posted by soe 11:44 pm

Three beautiful things from the last week:

1. The potato knishes at RFK aren’t as good as the ones you’d find in New York, but they are well-seasoned and surprisingly tasty — and a welcome vegetarian option at the stadium.

2. I pulled out the PS2 and (literally) dusted off the dance pad to put on Dance Dance Revolution the other night. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I didn’t have to re-learn the whole game and, in fact, managed a new personal best (in light game mode).

3. Five-week-old Erin and Tommy are adorable and cuddly and soft. Pat and Heidi invited us to dinner tonight so we could hang out with them and meet the twins, which was terribly sweet of them. We each got to hold them and to play with Jack, not quite two, who thought the wrapping paper and ribbon for the present we brought him was delightful. I love little kids.

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