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August 13, 2006

weekend fun; busy week ahead
posted by soe 11:59 pm

The weekend was fun, as hoped for, and it was nice to see Mum and Dad. I miss living nearby.

The Mets didn’t manage to win the game on Friday, but I suppose I can’t ask for everything. The game offered up a pitching duel and had I been less sleepy, I probably would have enjoyed the art of it more. As it was, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open during the middle three innings or so.

The concert last night was terrific. The weather was lovely — a bit cool, but clear, with a yellow moon that rose late in the show through the trees. Peter, Paul, and Mary are definitely getting older and they started off a bit shaky, but they seemed to gain steam as they went along. They sang some songs that i wasn’t familiar with (although I think Mum sang along with them all) and they sang others that I could warble along with. Peter and Paul were definitely being protective of Mary, who is recovering from bone marrow cancer and seemed physically fragile (although she did move a chair around stage). Over the course of the show, her voice grew stronger and the trio ended as loud and harmonic as they must have been 45 years ago. The concert was political (as you would expect with PPM), but the overall feeling was one of optimism — that there was nothing that was too awful to fix if only we’d start now — and the crowd appreciated it. Especially me.

This afternoon I went for a bike ride. Rudi had re-inflated my tires to their proper and intended pressure, so I was utterly miserable as I felt every bump and rock I rode over. (In Rudi’s defense, my tires held less than half the pressure they were supposed to and probably would have popped when I rode over one of those many rocks in the trail. I would have been very grumpy if I’d had to walk the bike home 8 miles.) The highlight of the ride was spying an osprey eating a fish in a tree. The other cyclist who noticed it identified it for me and told me that osprey are rarely seen that close to a populated area. It was a huge bird and I’m glad that I got to see it.

This week holds a lot of activity. In addition to crunch time at work, I have lots of things planned for the evenings. Wednesday night we have another ball game (this time against the Braves). Thursday night we have been invited to Pat and Heidi’s for dinner so we can meet the twins. Friday we’re contemplating a WNBA game, since the Mystics take on the Connecticut Sun in their first post-season game of the year. Rudi is lobbying to fit Restaurant Week in there tomorrow night, but I’m not convinced that would be a good idea. I do have to fit some sleep in there someplace!

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