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August 8, 2006

up and moved away
posted by soe 11:35 pm

Dear Ruth Ann and Peter of Everlasting Herb Farm,

When we said good-bye to you at your last market in June, we didn’t realize that it was going to be a permanent thing!

Where will we get our bug spray and our soaps, our scrubs and our rubs, our wool wash and our culinary lavender now? Your products were outstanding and we really will miss them — as well as our interactions with you each week. If only we had known; we would have stocked up on everything! (Now we’ll have to decide whether our guests are herb farm product-worthy á la Elaine in Seinfeld.)

The great thing about a weekly market like Freshfarm is that you really start to grow attached to the people you see each week. You (and some of the other farmers) really helped to give this city a more personal and welcoming face as we tried to find our footing after we moved here. You helped a large, faceless city become intimate and homey. We feel as if we’ve lost a good neighbor.

On the other hand, while this is hugely disappointing to us, we hope the move and the new location bring nothing but good fortune and well wishes to you both and to your children. We aren’t sure what adventures you have planned, but may they be things that bring great pleasure.

Should you ever decide that you want to open a mail-order business, please keep us in mind as customers. And if you’re ever in town again, any of us would be happy to take you out for a beer or a coffee.

And if not, may the wind always be at your back as you journey through life.


Your loyal customers

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