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August 9, 2006

second set of socks
posted by soe 11:50 pm

sock-a-month2 logo Last night I finished my second set of socks for 2006 (and the first pair for Knittin’ Mom’s Sock-A-Month 2 knit-along). They were a pair of cotton socks for Rudi, who picked out the yarn and the pattern. I would have picked more exciting colors myself, but I figured he’s entitled to have handmade socks in whatever color he’ll wear. (I may still need to go in and tack down the gusset join, but Rudi wouldn’t put them back on last night so I could see if it was necessary.)

I liked the Cascade Fixation yarn (colorway charcoal), which has a little bit of elastic built into the yarn to give the socks some body and to keep them up over the course of a wearing. It definitely helped with the “ladders” that tend to creep into my double-pointed sock knitting.

Rudi's socks

(Please pardon the living room mess. I’m on a deadline at work and have been bringing the manuscript home with me. We’re in the process of cleaning up now.)

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