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February 25, 2006

apparently i was tired… (and olympics, stage 5)
posted by soe 12:46 pm

Surprisingly to me, apparently my deep tiredness was not merely a case of being in denial about the state of my knitting two (TWO!) days before the end of the Knitting Olympics.

Because I took a two-hour nap last night before I finished knitting sock number 3 (which is waiting patiently to come off the needles now that I’m not half-asleep), took another 1 1/2 hour nap while Rudi futzed around last night, and then still managed to sleep past noon today.

Hopefully I have officially refilled my sleep deficit now and will be able to stay awake until bedtime and then go to bed at a reasonable hour. The evening nap and wee hours bedtime was getting old.

knitting olympics logoKnitting Olympics update: As mentioned above, the third bootie is, essentially, finished. The exciting thing about this bootie is that it was knit in the round and therefore actually resembles the item it’s destined to be (and, as such, has no seams to knit up!).

This also marks the first time I have intentionally looked at a pattern and thought, how can I adapt this to make it better? Sure, that’s because I misread the pattern originally. But it would have been easy enough (if painful to the soul) to frog the wrong portion and start again. But I thought to myself that I had just finished a pair of socks in the round and there was no eartly reason why these couldn’t be knit in a similar fashion. And I was right! Hooray!

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