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February 21, 2006

upon returning home
posted by soe 2:25 pm

It’s so strange to return home late at night after working through a long weekend. Other people are well-rested and relaxed, and you’re still trying to sort out what town you’re in, whether you’re still speaking your native tongue, and where you might have put your license after you went through the security screening at an airport five states away.

Those of us who came home on flights last night slowly wandered into the office this morning. It is not a day for difficult tasks or complex thoughts. Today is a day for getting caught up on email, for cleaning the desk, for going over details of the weekend past.

It will not be a late night. I will go home at the appointed time. Things do not need to get done quickly today, although it would be good if a thing or two were to get crossed off the list.

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