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February 24, 2006

knitting on a deadline (knitting olympics, stage 4)
posted by soe 1:33 am

knitting olympics logoThe problem with knitting on a deadline (other than the adreneline rush associated with the idea of not finishing) is that you get tired of the project very quickly.

This is not just a Knitting Olympics problem. It’s also a pre-Christmas problem. And a pre-birthday problem. Pretty much anytime you’re wholly focused on one project that has a hard deadline that is rapidly approaching, leaving you aching for a night on the town where the only pointy sticks you will need to interact with will be the umbrellas in your drinks.

(Technically, this isn’t even really a knitting problem. It’s a character flaw of mine that I get bored easily. By the time I’m done writing or editing a book at work, I hate the subject. In college I theorized it was better to pick paper topics that didn’t interest me from the outset, because by the time I turned in the essay, I’d despise the chosen subject anyway. Better not to ruin something I actually liked…)

But back to the problem at hand: I’m sick of the booties. Right now, if given the opportunity, I would drop those stupid mousies off a roof.

Okay, that’s a lie. I could drop them off the roof at work. But I wouldn’t. But I’d like to.

Two mousies are off the needles. These are the ones I knit flat. (It occurs to me that I might not hate the project so much if these knit pieces actually resembled a bootie or a sock or some actual piece of clothing. But right now they really just resemble some weird-shaped piece of material. Sort of like something a third-grader might cut out of construction paper.)

Tonight, in between the hard evening sleeping one does only when trying to avoid a deadline, I tried to figure out how to convert the pattern to deal with the bootie accidentally knit in the round. I may or may not have figured it out, but I certainly didn’t get terribly far. I did, however, manage to knit up four of the sixteen ears I will need for the mousie faces. Sadly, right now, they are the cutest part of the project. But I bet by the time the sixteenth one comes off my needles, I will be sick of them, too.

Wish me luck. The closing ceremonies loom…

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