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November 20, 2022

posted by soe 1:35 am

This morning I was able to procure P!nk tickets, thanks to Ticketmaster finally adding a Paypal option.

It’s remarkably frustrating to enter your credit card number, verify that it’s accurate and that the rest of the personal data matches what’s on your account, click off all the silly boxes, and then to watch as the tickets you’ve tried to buy 3,648 times are again ripped out of your hand because “the card information you have tried to enter is incorrect.” Multiple days, different browsers. None of it mattered. And because it was a presale associated with my credit card company, it’s not like I could just sub in a different card.

But this irritation will fade into the distance and the excitement of seeing P!nk will grow as we get closer to the concert date next August(!).

I wish similar resolutions to all the Taylor Swift fans out there, because I can’t imagine how pissed off they are right now.

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