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November 2, 2022

posted by soe 1:56 am

I’m starting to think ahead to winter. It’s the season I spend the most time alone (the perils of living with a ski coach) and it’s dark and cold and people don’t like to leave their houses to hang out.

Which means I have a challenging dozen weeks from January until mid-March.

I’ll have volleyball, of course. I suspect the team will play on Tuesdays, but I’ll try to add a Thursday night option, as well, to correspond with Rudi’s being away. Or I could add another sport, but I don’t know that my knees are excited about the running involved in soccer or basketball.

I could start a game night. Rudi likes games well enough, but not enough, I don’t think, that he’ll feel bad if I have folks over to play. That will require finding people who like playing games or maybe seeing if the Board Room or Labyrinth have a meetup.

I’m mulling a hot chocolate quest, to identify the best purveyor in the District. That should bring some of my friends out with me.

The library or one of the local bookshops might have a book group. I haven’t tried one in ages.

Or maybe one of the local yarn shops has an open knit night.

Any other ideas for getting out of the house (or getting other people into it) during the winter months?

(Oh, and if you’re looking for the answer for what I was for Halloween, Karen was correct, and I was a blue jay.)

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