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November 1, 2022

happy halloween!
posted by soe 1:48 am

2022 Costume

This is my Halloween costume, which, it turns out, was harder for everyone to guess than I expected it to be. I’ll let you guys guess in the comments and fill you in on the right answer tomorrow. I will say that anything below the skirt is irrelevant to the costume. (I played volleyball in a prototype of the costume, which had a different shirt (same letter) and a sort-of makeshift blue long-sleeve shrug over it Thursday night, because I needed things that would stay put while I moved around the court.)

It was a drizzly evening in D.C., which meant we had a relatively uneventful night on the stoop with our bucket of candy, holiday playlist, and jack o’lanterns. We did see a few small people, several dogs who were disappointed our available treats did not include biscuits, and a bunch of college-aged kids, many of whom were international students celebrating their first Halloween. Best group costume went to a group of girls dressed as m&m’s.

2022 Jack o'Lanterns

I hope you had a nice holiday!

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