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September 5, 2020

long weekend planning
posted by soe 12:34 am

Another weekend, another list of things I’d like to accomplish…

Tomorrow the Capital Weather Gang has given D.C.’s forecast a 10/10. I’d very much like to spend as much of it outside as possible. The rest of the weekend also looks lovely.

I’m thinking a trip to one of D.C.’s nurseries is in order. As I said to Rudi earlier, the mid-Atlantic still has at least three months of growing time left this year. Everything was shut down when I planted in the spring, so I was using seeds I had on hand (I had many packets of peas…) and what I could get at the farmers market. Now, though, I need some more chard seeds. However, I will wait another month before I put kale back in my plot, since the harlequin beetles have wreaked havoc in our region this year and maybe they’ll fly south if we don’t replant too soon. I’d also like some fall flowers, since my echinacea are wrapping up for the season.

Rudi and I need to send some mail this week. I probably won’t get it all sent over the weekend, but I can maybe get it prepped. Also, has anyone seen what I did with my Forever postcard stamps?

I haven’t gone out on the bike in weeks, so maybe I will get up in the morning and ride someplace to pick up lunch. Maybe Sarah is around and would be interested in the Pretzel Bakery… Or I could get a vegetarian Cuban sandwich. Or a mango and papaya Indonesian salad… Regardless of where I go, I should remember to inflate my tires before I haul the bike up the stairs.

We did not get ourselves moving early enough to get pizza tonight, so that’s definitely on this weekend’s agenda. As is the usual trip to the farmers market.

Reading and knitting in the park are both on tap. It was packed up there tonight.

We need to watch the last episode of Endeavour before it goes behind PBS’ paywall. I wonder if our laptop batteries will let us watch up at the park…

I need to do some baking and make a new batch of ice cream. Both those things should be accomplished later in the weekend, when I’m tired of being outside, or at night.

I’d like to find my copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in French, since I’ve been studying again. The advantage to already knowing the story is that it should help me with the vocabulary not otherwise covered in my app tutorials. (For some reason they don’t think “goblin” or “magic wand” are likely to be needed on my next trip to Paris or Montreal.)

I really need to bring some semblance of order to the Burrow. I don’t want to waste my long weekend working on that, but maybe I can get my first bag of stuff to donate to Goodwill out the door and put away all those work shoes…

What’s on your long weekend to-do list?

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