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September 26, 2020

two days done, but two more to go
posted by soe 1:24 am

I’m only halfway through my vacation weekend. What else might it include?

I definitely want to keep up the trend of spending time outside. Some time on the garden, some on the bike, and lots in the park.

But I’d also like to spend some time inside. The Burrow is a hot mess and I’d like to tame it some. Plus, I came home with apples and cucumbers from a trip to a farm today, so pickles and pie might separately be on my agenda.

I need to spend some more time writing postcards.

Finally, I still need to get some more sleep. While the last two days have been great, they’ve both involved getting up early, so here’s to a Saturday without an early alarm.

How about you? What are you getting up to this weekend?

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