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September 10, 2020

early september unraveling
posted by soe 12:39 am

Early September Unraveling

Apologies for not doing a better job of clearing off the chair before taking a picture of my knitting, but I’ve been sick (not COVID), and I wasn’t being especially observant.

At the halfway point of the Tour de France, I’m about halfway through the number of rows in Reyna. While the pattern says to block it somewhat aggressively when done, the shawl seems small at this point, but that can be hard to tell. I still have a good-size ball, but the shawl will start eating yarn from here on out. Also, the pattern seems less to break up my variegated yarn and more to cause it to flash, which while interesting, isn’t necessarily what I was looking for. It’s fine and I may love it yet. I don’t not love it currently, so I think that’s probably okay.

Reading-wise I’m not really concentrating on any one book, except maybe my Agatha Christie novel. I have a pretty good idea of whom the bad guy is, but I still have about a third of the book left to go to figure out what his deal is.

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