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September 12, 2020

recuperation weekend plans
posted by soe 1:08 am

So what’s my plan for this weekend, you ask?

Let me tell you what I’m thinking:

  • First off, I’m still tired from being sick, so I’m going to get some extra sleep. Please note that I’m writing this on the early side for me, and I plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning.
  • Peach ice cream is finally going to get made. Rudi chopped up some peaches for me, so I need to cook them up and then give them time to cool off before I can put them in the ice cream maker. I’d also like to make some cookies so there is something legitimate to snack on in this house.
  • I have not been to the garden since last weekend, so harvesting tomatoes and peppers and basil are all on my list. We got three inches of rain on Thursday, so I will not need to water.
  • Speaking of the rain, I need to do laundry to wash our floor towels, since they got a workout. Rudi procured quarters today, so now that plan can move forward.
  • I am going to keep knitting on my shawl, which shows promise of actually being the first project I’ve finished in a timely fashion in a while. (Probably just jinxed myself there…)
  • It’s time to switch up my nail polish. Fall doesn’t arrive for another ten days. Is it too soon to pick autumnal hues?
  • I have two books on hold at the library in Virginia, so I will have to cross the river and go get them.
  • I suppose I feel well enough to ride my bike. I don’t feel so well that I want to go out of the District, so maybe I’ll go for a ride along the canal towpath after I stop at the post office to mail a package (that’s going to be late to its destination).
  • There are slightly less than two months until the election. I’m going to figure out a game plan to get involved and do my part, starting this weekend. I’m thinking it might be through writing post cards.
  • I donated to the Wisconsin Democrats so that I can watch a table reading of The Princess Bride with the original cast (and special guests) Sunday evening. I’m really looking forward to it.

How about you? What’s on your to-do list for this weekend?

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