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March 7, 2020

weekend planning
posted by soe 1:10 am

I’m excited to have a full weekend at home after so much traveling. Here’s how I think I will spend it:

  • Knitting: I am super far behind on my Sock Madness socks, which are supposed to be finished by next Saturday at noon for me to advance out of the qualifying round. I don’t know that that will happen, but it would be great if they were further along than they are now.
  • Cleaning: The two things topping my weekend list are really opposed to each other. I cannot clean and knit at the same time, and the cat gets really grumpy when i tie a swiffer cloth to his belly and a duster to his tail. But, also, our apartment looks like a way station and things need to get put away.
  • Doing laundry: Underwear is in a dire spot, and I have no clean sports clothes left. Plus, I have to go to a congressional briefing this week, so I should make sure I have something clean and unwrinkled for that. Also, laundry mountain could have an avalanche and suffocate us while we’re sleeping, so it’s good to be proactive about that. This will require going out to procure quarters.
  • Reading: I have less than ten chapters left in my Inspector Gamache audiobook, and I can listen to that while doing other things.
  • Paying some bills: This includes the mundane monthly items, but also sending our friend a check for baseball tickets and our garden our annual dues, which are both good kind of bill paying.
  • Hitting up the local bookshop’s quarterly member sale: My brother gives us a gift card for the store, which sells both books and music, every Christmas. I don’t know that we need anything right now, but it’s fun to look.
  • Stopping by the garden: I planted peas and spring greens a couple weeks ago and want to see if either have come up yet. And the violets, since daffodils, croci, and hyacinths are now blooming. Plus, I could probably throw some more peas in the ground.
  • Going to the library: If I get going early in the morning, they’re accepting donations for the Friends’ sale for an hour, but I’m not convinced that will happen. But I also have some things to give back and a couple things to pick up, so even later in the day will work.
  • Baking banana bread: To keep my colleagues from throwing away fruit at the end of the week, I told them to freeze any past-prime bananas and I’d recycle them into bread for the office. My coworker alerted me to the fact that an entire bag had accumulated while I’d been traveling, so now I need to follow through on my promise.
  • Sleeping in: We lose an hour this weekend, so I should definitely try to stockpile zzz’s for the upcoming week. I know they say it doesn’t work that way, but I’m willing to believe scientists are just confused on this point.

What are you hoping to do this weekend?

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