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March 2, 2020

transitional weekending
posted by soe 1:49 am

This weekend was a good one. It started on Friday night in Fort Lauderdale, where I caught an outdoor family-friendly concert and craft fair. I sang along with plenty of pop songs, ate a crepe, and generally enjoyed being outside on a February evening.

Most of my Leap Day was spent at the beach, although I did precede it with a bike ride over to a local farmers market. I picked up baked goods, a baguette, burrata filled with nutella, oranges, strawberries, and tropical fruit, much of which became my breakfast and lunch. I read on the sand, dipped myself in the water, and enjoyed people watching. (There’s a lot of Instagramming that goes on at the beach, particularly on the first official day of spring break season.) The sun was setting as I arrived at the airport, which seemed a pretty fitting end to my trip.

To kick off March today I did sleep in a bit today before getting up and heading off to the farmers market. My team had our final bowling match of the season and then we each headed out our own ways. My friend Sigrid and I strolled back toward Dupont together, possibly our last such walk, since she and her husband pack up to move back to Germany at the end of the month. I did a little grocery shopping, got in some phone time with my folks and my friend Laura, made a lasagna, and did a very little bit of tidying up before Rudi came home. After he went to bed, I started a new graphic novel, New Kid, which won the Newbery Medal this year. I’m nearly halfway done and am really enjoying it so far.

Tomorrow it’s back to the office. I thought there might be another trip coming up later this month, but it looks like some other colleagues are going to cover that, so I feel optimistic that I might be able to catch up on several projects. It would feel great to not be so behind on things and to start my second six months at my job with some things crossed off my to-do list!

I hope your week is a good one (it’s that magical last week before daylight savings time robs us of an hour of sleep) and that you get to cross some things off of your to-do list, as well!

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