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September 29, 2019

bookending with baseball
posted by soe 1:43 am

In the Hunt for the Wild Card

I bookended the week with baseball games on both Monday and Friday, which the Nationals were kind enough to win both of. In between, the Nationals clinched a wild card spot, and today they locked down home field advantage for that one-game playoff to see who’ll proceed to the NLDS.

This shot is from Monday’s game against the Phillies. You can tell both by the uniforms (we’re playing Cleveland this weekend) and by the sparse crowds. Friday night games are always better attended than those during the week, but last night’s crowd was particularly into the game, with most of the attendees remaining at the game until the end, which happens surprisingly infrequently when there’s not something after the game to keep them at the ballpark.

Tomorrow is the final game of the regular season. I will be sad to see baseball end for the year, so I’m glad the Nationals have given me another reason to remain interested during the playoffs.

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