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September 16, 2019

first back-to-work weekending
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I didn’t get to everything that I’d hoped to this weekend, but we still did quite a bit.

I knit and read. We watched a baseball game (that the Nats lost, but that had lots of adorable dog attendees). We ate ice cream.

I did a little silk screen printing as part of Art All Night, as well as watching both a documentary about the 1959 Newport Jazz Festival and live fire dancing in the Dupont Circle park.

I shopped at the farmers market (broccoli is back!) this morning and then had a blast at my teammate’s housewarming (she knows lots of really nice people), staying twice as long as I’d expected to and getting invited to join a book group.

Rudi and I worked in the garden a little, picking tomatoes and basil and getting some bulbs and seeds planted for the fall and spring season. (Pollinators love my fall garden, which is full of blooming onions and flowering basil.)

And then we ended the weekend at the Reach Festival at the Kennedy Center, where they were doing an interactive screening of The Muppet Movie, featuring Jim Henson’s youngest daughter, Heather, who is herself a puppeteer.

Gonzo the Great Flies High

How was your weekend?

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