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September 23, 2019

final summer weekending
posted by soe 1:52 am

Rose Park Concert

In addition to buying books and yarn, I got some other things done this weekend.

Yesterday, I spent some time at the H Street Festival, patronizing a couple of the businesses over there and running into some friends who’ve moved back to the area this summer. And today, Sarah and I went over to Union Market for a little while to get a snack, catch up, and browse in the bookstore.

I also did some reading (Susan Orlean’s The Library Book), bought food at both the grocery store and the farmers market (we’re nearing the end of corn and peach season, but ginger and paw paws, which I only buy for Rudi because I think they taste like banana, are both coming into season), picked tomatoes at the garden, and made a tomato tart and corn on the cob for supper.

And, as a bonus, while I was at the garden, the sound of a concert at one of our local parks wafted over, so I was able to catch the tail end of that, too. (Usually, it’s in July, so I stopped checking for it, once summer had progressed.) It was a nice way to conclude the summer season. (Temperatures: please take the hint and pack up your highs in the 90s! Jeans season should be here!)

How was your final summer weekend?

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