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November 14, 2016

post-election weekending
posted by soe 1:53 am

Nothing Gold Can Stay

I’ll be honest: After Tuesday, all I really wanted to do was to take to my bed and stay there. So, Saturday morning, I did just that, not getting up until I was done being asleep. But the problem with post-return to standard time is that the sun sets here at 5. Therefore, sleeping until afternoon is not really as good a thing as it is in the height of summer, when the final daylight drips from the sky close to 10.

I biked over to the library to pick up a book I had on hold, and then meandered around Georgetown for a bit.

Rudi came home from his bike ride, and we headed to the grocery store, coming home with three bags of supplies. (It’s less exciting than it sounds; toilet paper and cat litter take up a lot of space.)

We enjoyed burgers for supper and watched Saturday Night Live.

This morning, we got up early and were off to the farmers market, arriving home just in time for the moment of nature on CBS Sunday Morning. I had time for a muffin and a cup of tea before I had to race off to the garden where I met a fellow gardener to help rake up leaves from the park for our compost bins. Afterwards, I picked two beans, three peppers, and the final tomatoes from the plants.

Rudi and I went for a bike ride in the afternoon, heading over to a cafe he knew of past Georgetown. We sat in the sun for a while, and I started a book and found my place in a piece of knitting that had been sitting for ages.

This evening, Rudi had plans, so I took myself up to the park to enjoy the final rays of sun with a thermos of tea and my book.

At home for the night, I did some laundry, made a sandwich for supper, and baked a batch of cookies, before finishing my novel.

It was a good weekend, and while I’m glad I got some sleep, I’m glad I got up, too.

How was your weekend?

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