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November 10, 2016

shared emotion, civic duty, and consolation
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Rock Creek Foliage below Taft Bridge

Three beautiful things in this week where we really need to work to find it:

1. The nice thing about living and working in the bluest of blue places (93% of D.C.’s voters chose Hillary) is that those of us who showed up on Wednesday and today were extra gentle with each other as we all sat in our offices and shared spaces wiping away tears.

2. The line at our polling place on Election Day was more than an hour long, but the priest came down the queue with doughnuts, and we all chatted with each other and were generally pretty chill with a festive feeling of civic virtue in the air. Granted, at that point, we thought we were going to win, but still…

3. Sarah spent last week in upstate New York and brought cider doughnuts back with her, including a half dozen for us.

How about you? What beauty have you encountered in your world lately?

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Rock Creek Park Pathway

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