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November 5, 2016

a weekend plan
posted by soe 1:49 am

While I am not normally a list maker (although, to be fair, my blog may suggest that claim is false), I do enjoy how productive a weekend game plan makes me feel. I like to build in lots of things I was going to do anyway and make at least half of them fun, because it is, after all, a weekend.

So here are some things I’d like to do this weekend:

  • Publish an Into the Stacks post (I’d love to get caught up this month, but I’m about 40 books behind, so it may carry on into December)
  • Spend time outside (Capital Weather Gang says this is our peak color weekend, so I’d like to enjoy some of it; also, it would be good to get in a Coffeeneuring bike ride or two)
  • Attend Upshur Street Books’ birthday party (Sunday evening, I think)
  • Return a couple books to the library (Stressful feelings make me take out all the books, and I think it would be good to give a few of them back)
  • Make dough (Hopefully pie. Possibly cookie. Related note: buy more butter)
  • Finish a knitting project (Any knitting project)
  • Shop (There are two Christmas markets at European embassies tomorrow and my farmers market on Sunday.)
  • Clear off my desk (Our holiday party is four weeks from tomorrow; we need to start cleaning)
  • Write some (thank you notes, birthday cards, bad poetry, anything really)
  • Do some laundry (Related: get more quarters)
  • Get some sleep (There’s a whole extra hour this weekend, after all!)
  • Do an hour’s worth of calling for Hillary (I really don’t actually want to do this, but I loathe and fear the idea of a Trump presidency even more than calling strangers who don’t want to be bothered, so…)

How about you? What’s on your weekend wish list?

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