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November 2, 2016

fall ninja book swap
posted by soe 12:50 am

As you probably know, I love taking part in book/yarn swaps, but have scaled back my participation in them somewhat after being burned a couple of times by sending out packages and getting nothing in return. So I’m picky about what I’ll join and have to feel confident that the organizer knows what they’re doing. I’m really pleased to say that the Ninja Book Swap, run by Bex, is one of those.

At the end of last week, a box arrived at my apartment, just in time to mark the end of the workweek. It came from my awesome partner Laura, who blogs at Buttontapper Press. Check out all the goodies she sent me.

You know someone has it together when they create their own Halloween wrapping:

Ninja Book Swap

Opening a swap box is not unlike Christmas morning. You curl up on the sofa, often in your pj’s, and open fun package after fun package.

Check out all the books Laura sent me!

Ninja Book Swap Books

The three books along the top were on my “wish list,” and The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat was one Laura picked out, thinking I’d enjoy it. I’m not sure what gave her that idea.

Jeremiah in a Ninja Book Swap Box

Corey Likes Ninja Book Swap Packages

Posey said she was not going to model for me, but added that she thinks Laura is still pretty awesome for sending her this great box in which to hang out.

I have to agree. In addition to sending me four awesome looking books (Not Your Sidekick is going to be the first one I read, although I’ve already dipped into Buffy), Laura also sent me a mini clipboard, two journals (one of which is now covered with all of the Halloween stickers from the wrapping), stickers (I love holiday stickers!), and some chocolate!

Ninja Book Swap Goodies

Thank you once again, Laura, for a really lovely Ninja Book Swap box. I’m utterly delighted with what you sent!

And if you like sending and receiving bookish packages, keep an eye on the swap blog in early January, when the next one will be gearing up.

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