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November 22, 2014

weekend plans
posted by soe 2:28 am

Here are some of the things I hope to accomplish this weekend:

  • Paint my nails. (I took off the old polish last week, to pave the way.)
  • Cook the quince. (I bought more on Thursday to accommodate trying a couple more recipes.)
  • Finish my book. (I just have a few chapters to go.)
  • Spend several hours outside in the sunshine on Saturday (and again on Sunday if there is any).
  • Dig up the potatoes from the garden and pick any ripe peppers.
  • Write a coffeeneuring blog post.
  • Finish some work. (I left a little early to get to dinner at some friends’ tonight.)
  • Mop the bathroom and kitchen floors and return the bathroom cart to its rightful location.
  • Assess my Christmas card situation. (I can’t remember what I have left over from last year and therefore if I need to buy more than I have.)
  • Buy parsnips at the market for Rudi’s Thanskgiving dish.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

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