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November 16, 2014

more beautiful things: prepared, warm, & timing
posted by soe 3:04 am

It’s late and I stayed up too late finishing my book, so now I’m tired and cranky and in that headspace where you start to think about what to write and then think that maybe instead of contemplating you were dozing, but no one who’s still up (Corey) can tell you if that was the case or not. The only thing preventing me from toddling off to join Rudi for a few hours of sleep is a blog post and everything I thought/dreamed about will just take too long to write, despite the fact that I’ve now been sitting at the computer for half an hour not writing.

So, in the interest of getting to bed, I’m writing a bonus three beautiful things post about today and going to sleep:

1. I took both a hat and an earwarmer out with me cycling today, which meant I could use the hat as a tea cozy when sitting outdoors.

2. Fleece-lined leggings.

3. I was still home when Posey threw up a hairball, which meant I cleaned it up. If it’d happened after I’d left, it would have been mashed under the door and/or Rudi’s bike tire when he came home before he himself even crossed the threshold.

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