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November 14, 2014

autumn, leftovers, and sweet
posted by soe 12:06 am

I just dropped a glass jar while taking out the leftover recycling, so I’m annoyed with myself and the world right now. All of which means it’s an especially good time to consider three beautiful things from my past week:

1. Leaves crunch beneath my feet while yellow sunshine filters through red-orange leaves against a blue sky.

2. Nicole tucked a baggie containing two mini muffins into the bags of untouched beers and used pots when we weren’t looking. As they were my favorite thing from Pumpkin Fest, it was a delight to find we had a couple to eat after we’d recovered from the festivities.

3. When last I bought wool wash*, we couldn’t find my favorite scent (which, it turns out, has been discontinued), so Rudi did a sniff test and suggested one. Since we’re now back in handknits season, I’ve had the chance to break out the new bottle of Soak and find the fig scent far more pleasant than I would have imagined.

*Woolite, knitters will tell you, is actually really good for washing lingerie and similar delicates, but is bad for laundering wool. Should you not want to shop for a product specifically for your knitwear, baby shampoo is gentle and is generally considered a good substitute.

How about you? What was beautiful in your world this week?

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