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November 11, 2014

ten on tuesday: collections
posted by soe 11:40 pm

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is Collections I’ve Had over the Years.

To my surprise, I was able to hit the mark without having to resort to collections wholly in storage.

  1. Books. I dream of the day when I live someplace with built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and of the day I’ll be reunited with the books stored in my parents’ attic.
  2. Music. This is an inherited hobby, as my parents (and my dad, in particular) have an extensive collection of records, tapes, and cds. Rudi also collects music, so it’s one of the first things you notice in our apartment. (No, there’s not really an order to any of it.)
  3. Yarn. For such a new collection, it has grown vigorously.
  4. Related: Hand-knit socks.
  5. Nail polish. (If I call it a collection, will that make Rudi less irritated about the bottles that fall out of the bathroom cabinet when he’s hunting for something in there?)
  6. Plastic Smurf figurines (of the ’80s version, rather than the ’10s film version). There is also an extensive collection of glass/ceramic (non-Smurf) figurines also in storage at my parents’ house.
  7. Christmas ornaments. I’ve bought them as souvenirs while traveling. I’ve inherited/stolen them from family collections. I’ve made them. I’ve received them as gifts.
  8. Stickers. I like to add them to real mail I’m sending out.
  9. Jam. Another thing that tends to return from travels (and trips to the farmers market). Also another thing I have in common with my parents.
  10. Photos. Mostly they aren’t displayed, but I’d really like to rectify that.
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