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July 31, 2008

tiny, thanks, and time to practice
posted by soe 9:37 am

Ahem, is this thing on?

I still haven’t unpacked from my vacation, so rest assured the blog isn’t the only neglected thing in my life this week. Rudi will be away this weekend riding up yet another mountain, so I will have plenty of time then to tell you about the adventures of the last week. But there is time now to share some of the little details of the past seven days. Three beautiful things:

1. A man wearing a baggy t-shirt and exercise pants walks past me walking the tiniest terrier I’ve ever seen. It was maybe the size of my hand, and a D.C. rat would have required three or four of it to make a satisfying lunch.

2. I returned home to find a small package waiting for me. My dentist had sent me a compilation cd to thank me for referring Rudi to him. I’ve had doctors thank me for referrals before, but never actually had them offer a gift. It was a classy touch.

3. Irisa, Shelley and Mike’s seven-year-old daughter, is growing up. The night they arrived, she explained to Rudi how she’s been practicing rolling her eyes. My mother will assure you that I am the queen of this skill, so I was sure to offer my expert advice over the weekend. Shelley was delighted, I’m sure, but this is the role of aunties everywhere — to help with valuable life skills that parents would prefer you not acquire.

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