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July 13, 2008

another weekend come and gone
posted by soe 11:55 pm

Here it is Sunday night again. Someday I’m going to learn how not to fritter my weekends away because it seems like this time each week I look back on the previous 48 hours and think, “Really? Couldn’t I have done better?”

The weekend, as with all weekends, was not without its high points: Friday night, John, Sarah, Rudi, and I headed to the Sculpture Garden for jazz and a picnic. The weather wasn’t totally disgusting, which in July is always a blessing. The evening was nice — good friends, good food, good music.

And last night instead of accompanying Rudi to a cookout/welcome back party for one of his cyclist friends (with all the rest of his cyclist friends), I called up Susan and the two of us went out to dinner. Susan was my first friend in D.C. and she remains a dear one, so it’s always good to see her. We ate Lebanese food and talked and I felt better for having gone out with her.

Otherwise, I didn’t do a lot. I cleaned some (but not enough). I went to the farmers’ market. I knit. (Okay, I did learn a new knitting skill and that will be a post later in the week.) I watched Tour de France coverage.

I didn’t ride my bike. I didn’t go swimming. I didn’t read. I didn’t call any of my faraway friends to catch up. I didn’t make a cherry pie (although I did leave some cherries out on the counter overnight to become an accidental science experiment/fruit fly-mold incubator). I didn’t go to the garden. I hardly left the house.

The good news is that we have a vacation coming up in ten days. We head to New York for a final Mets game at Shea Stadium before they sell their souls to a banking behemoth. And then we head further north for our annual folk music/camping trip with Shelley and her family. We’ll also spend a night with my folks and with Gramma and maybe see some of our New York friends. Even if I’m pathetic that weekend, at least I’ll be pathetic with other people.

In the meantime, maybe next weekend will be better spent.

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