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July 2, 2008

the garden, month two
posted by soe 11:57 pm

Messy PlotRain is good for a garden. It keeps things green and lush.

It is also good for the gardener, because then she does not need to lug water from home. However, nothing comes without a price because it also means that she’s supposed to do this thing called weeding.

Clearly, this is a foreign concept to our intrepid gardener. (Don’t click on that photo, Mum. You’ll disinherit me.)

Ahem. Obviously you can guess where some of my long weekend will be spent.

Since last month, my peas and beans have grown a bit. The peas have mostly gone by for the season, but my beans are thriving. It was a mistake to plant them all together as the beans overtook the peas, so next year I’ll have a series of tee pees.

Tee Pee


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