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July 3, 2008

planning, squish, and patterns
posted by soe 3:53 pm

It’s the Thursday before a long weekend here in the U.S., so shortly things will be even more beautiful than normal with three whole days stretching luxuriously before me. Before we can look forward to that, however, I need to share three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Now that we have a date for the fall wedding we’ll be attending (thanks for sharing it so quickly, Karen!), we’re narrowing in on dates for a vacation. It looks like we’ll be heading to France between Election Day and Thanksgiving (probably Nov. 5-15). I love research, so this part of vacation planning is almost as fun as the vacation itself for me. Anyone have any suggestions of things to do/places to go while in France?

2. The reassuring feeling of wet sand between my toes at the seaside.

3. I’m loving the sock I’m working on right now. The yarn is self-striping, which is always interesting, and the pattern consists of only two rows, one of which is all-knit. It’s very meditative to knit and quite addictive because I get to the end of a round and want to knit just one more round before I stop. I think I’ll be done with the toe tonight.

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