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May 29, 2007

posted by soe 6:33 pm

We returned shortly before sunrise this morning from a trip to Connecticut for the long weekend. It was lovely.

The only thing on the agenda for was a wedding. My next-oldest cousin, Tim, married Sharon on Saturday, in a ceremony/reception that seemed to suit them. Tim, Sharon, and my aunt Dort all seemed very happy with the way things fell out and I’m pleased we were able to make the trip north to be there. I got to wear clothes from my closet — a cute red dress with polka dots and white high-heeled sandals — that I’d bought for that perfect occasion that had yet to arrive.

Otherwise, the weekend was very laid back. We ate pizza, scones, and barbecue and drank daiquiris and iced tea. Rudi took a long bike ride. I read and knit and visited with Gramma and my folks. We sat in the sun and I got eaten by bugs. (I’ve counted 40 bites or so to date.) We watched a cute Welsh movie. We sat around the outdoor fireplace and played Jarts and croquet.

It was utterly relaxing and totally wonderful. Even the roads were relatively traffic-free! I could have lived without the bug bites, but even that seemed small payment for a weekend as laid-back as this one was.

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