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May 9, 2007

check out some new music
posted by soe 11:49 pm

While Rudi and I work on getting internet connectivity for the new-to-me iMac sitting on my desk, I’d like to suggest you all check out some tunes:

Rudi, our college friend Sam, and Sam’s friend Matt offer monthly playlists around a theme for your downloading pleasure at Selective Service. Every thirty days I check out what they’ve posted and often find something new to listen to.

But over the last few months, they’d gotten pretty stingy with the women they included and I started to harass Rudi about it. He acknowledged my point and suggested I offer them a challenge. I demurred. He went ahead and told Sam I’d do it anyway. I agreed, but told them there was no way they were sticking my picture up there dressed in fatigues. (You’ll see what they opted for instead by clicking over to the site.)

Well, last week, Sam posted my challenge and the guys offered up three different interpretations. I leave you to read their responses, download their playlists, and leave them (or me) feedback.

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