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May 12, 2007

weekend checklist
posted by soe 8:49 am

This weekend looks to be another busy one:

  • Eat snacks from as many European nations as possible
  • Attend Nationals game Sunday afternoon
  • Buy airport card for new-to-me computer
  • Ride bike
  • Garden (my entryway does not have the best growing conditions for the five tomatoes plants currently residing there)
  • Go to farmers’ market for more strawberries and asparagus
  • Get to post office to mail packages (I won’t share how belatedly)
  • Clean apartment (the horror!)
  • Do laundry
  • Catch up with friends Sunday evening
  • Knit
  • Read
  • Relax (why does this one always come at the end of the list?)

Also, don’t forget to leave some perishable goods by your mailbox today for your postal carrier to take for Stamp out Hunger. The food banks in your community — and the people who use them — will thank you.

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