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May 3, 2007

who has the best sock pal?
posted by soe 10:57 pm

Spring Green!

Why, I do.

Emily was my Bloomin Feet pal, and I have to say that she totally rocks, sending me a wonderful box full of goodness.

I mean, seriously. Look what she made me:

Socks from Emily

I love the way blue and brown look together. They remind me of my early spring garden — all earth and sky. And check out the picot edging. I don’t know how to do fancy edgings, so I’m particularly impressed by those people who do. And, folks, they’re made from Socks that Rock. I’ve never even seen STR in person in a skein, let alone in a finished sock. Very comfy!

I can’t believe Emily made these. For me. I mean, she doesn’t even know me and she sent me these beautiful handmade socks that took her many, many hours and even more false starts than I had with my pair. What a great knitter!

Check out how well they fit!

Bloomin Feet for Me

Bloomin Feet Sock

And while the socks in and of themselves would have been enough, Emily did not stop there.


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sound, showy, and two decades
posted by soe 10:19 am

As you know, Thursday means it’s time for Three Beautiful Things from the past week:

1. Birds make funny noises as they splash in the ever-present puddle near the community garden. They sound like a hand-cranked egg beater.

2. Lilacs, poppies, peonies, and roses bloomed this week. These are not some of Mother Nature’s shyer children.

3. Twenty years ago, I was just finishing up seventh grade. I was at that particular age when a movie can become part of the intrinsic fabric of your life, and for me, that movie was Dirty Dancing. Last night they brought the movie back to the big screen (I saw it on video with my parents the first time around) and added a new documentary that interviewed some of the people (not the stars) responsible for creating the movie and highlighted the stage show production. Sweetpea, her roommate, a couple other people, and I headed over to the wilds of Virginia to sink back into teenaged nostalgia for a night. Yes, the movie is a bit cheesy, but that’s fine. (And, Sweetpea, Patrick Swayze was 35 and Jennifer Grey was 27 when the film came out.) Going to see it in a theater filled with women in their 30s and late 20s really did make for a fun experience. It was a fantastic night. Not quite the time of my life, but you understand…

Stay tuned for another post later today featuring a whole box of beautiful things from Emily. I wrote the post last night but hit a wall before I could put the links in to the photos. I’ll remedy that after work!

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