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May 10, 2007

grunting, singing, and holding the door
posted by soe 10:05 am

It’s been a pretty good week here in the Burrow. Last night after work, Rudi and I headed down to the garden to water our plants and to put in a couple of the ones we picked up over the weekend. We decided that the non-lettuce, lettuce-like plants were weeds and Rudi did the heavy digging to get them out of the ground. They had roots like huge sweet potatoes! Very scary! I had the much easier job of weeding and planting a tomato. And our pea plants are starting to send up little shoots! I’m very excited.

Oh, and it’s Thursday. So that probably means you’d like to see what’s been beautiful recently. Here are three items from the last week:

1. As I was blog-surfing this morning, I was suprised by Jeremiah hurtling out of the window and noise in the window well. Expecting to turn around and see someone working on the utility boxes, I instead found a baby squirrel. I’m not sure if it fell in or if it’s mom sent it down to explore, but the poor thing was freaked out. It kept scrambling around the well and grunting, as my three cats tried to figure out if they could break through the screen to catch it. Eventually it climbed out and followed mom up a tree, but returned about 30 minutes later to visit the cats again. I just hope the screen holds out.

2. As Rudi and I walked up 22nd last night, we approached a group of people standing next to the Schevenko statue. I don’t quite know why I expected it to happen, but it totally did not surprise me when they broke into an a cappella rendition of “For the Longest Time.” Must have been all those years in college hanging out with Jason and Kim…

3. Last week, I was hurrying through Metro Center at rush hour to get to the spot where I like to board the train. I happened to accidentally catch the eye of a woman getting onto the elevator to go downstairs to the other line and she considerately held the door for me in case I wanted to get in. I didn’t, but I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

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