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March 21, 2007

happy spring!
posted by soe 9:26 pm

Fat Robin

We made it folks! Winter is officially over.

I know some people really enjoy winter, and, in fact, so do I. But by the time March rolls around, I’m ready for the season to understand that the attraction has faded and depart for someplace either far to the north or far to the south.

Flowering tree silhouette

This spring has been particularly delightful for me what with the early arrival of daylight savings time. I don’t arise early, so it makes little difference to me whether the sun pokes its head out at 6:15 or sleeps in until a more reasonable, but still ungodly, 7:15. But light remaining in the sky until 7 or 7:30 at night does make a difference to me and I can feel the improvement in my state of mind already. Living below ground and working in an interior office, those little bits and pieces of sunlight are precious to me, and I value them greatly (particularly when they occur when I’m awake).


Welcome, spring. Please make yourself at home and stay for a nice, long visit.

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