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March 13, 2007

posted by soe 11:46 pm

No, that’s not an allusion to a crazy tv show. Nor is it a mix-up about a blockbuster movie that opened this past weekend.

Instead it signifies a milestone for this blogger: 700 posts.

That’s right. This is my 700th entry at Sprite Writes.

Scary, eh?

Even scarier? Saturday is my second blogiversary.

The odds of these two occasions falling within the same week have not passed me by.

So, in honor of these events and to thank you all for checking in occasionally, I’m celebrating. And I invite you to celebrate along with me.

We’ll have a little pie, play some tunes, and maybe get a bit giggly by the time we should head home.

If you were here in the Burrow, I’d ask you for book recommendations. (Okay, you’re probably glad now this is a virtual party, aren’t you?) But ask I shall, nonetheless, and those who feel inclined to offer an answer can do so in the comments. Those who don’t can just have another slice of pie.

The question: What book is:

  • a) your absolute favorite read (one that you come back to time after time — the literary equivalent of comfort food);
  • b) the best you’ve ever read (a book that was such a masterpiece that you immediately went to check out the author’s other works and that you bought for your best reading buddy so you could have someone to talk with about it); OR
  • c) the most important book you think was ever written (a work that changed the way you view the world)?

Yes, I am a geek. But I’m okay with that. And I really do need something new to read.

A party isn’t a party without presents — from me to you since my virtual pie is a bit flavorless. Anyone who leaves an answer (or answers, if you want to take a crack at all three categories) to the above question by Saturday (the 17th) at noon EDT, will be entered into a random drawing for prizes still to be determined. There will probably be knitting- and non-knitting-related prizes, however, so if you are NOT interested in fibery goodness, please leave that in your comment, too.

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