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February 22, 2007

electric, grin, and companions
posted by soe 9:31 am

Three Beautiful Things from the past week:

1. Locked next to Union Square was a bicycle. Its tape, rims, and tires were all a brilliant shade of electric blue.

2. The moon was a Cheshire cat grin last night as I walked home from the metro after a movie.

3. The cats have been particularly snuggly since I got home Tuesday. All three of them nap in the same room with me and Posey deigned to come curl up under the covers with me last night, at least until Jeremiah pounced on her head.

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sleeping it off
posted by soe 1:09 am

Rest assured that I didn’t fall into the Bay last week. I just slept poorly in California and am now making up for it by falling unconscious every time I sit down.

I hope to return to full speed tomorrow with our usual Three Beautiful Things post and then resume regular broadcasts over the weekend.

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