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February 17, 2007

happy birthday!
posted by soe 12:18 pm

My brother, Josh, turns 30 (sorry, 10(x3), Mum) today.

Josh is creative and ambitious, the owner of his own business. He grasps ideas firmly in his hands and sculpts them from air until they become firm and tangible. I’m wholly jealous of his follow-through and tenacity.

He is a dog lover and the person of Sampson, a wrinkly year-old Sharpei, who roams the hills outside L.A. with him.

Josh is quick-witted and can turn a phrase like no one else I know. He gets away with saying things you’d tolerate from no one else, merely because he is good-willed about it or funny in an understated way.

We didn’t get along so well when we were kids, but now that we’ve grown older, we can actually spend time together and enjoy it, which is great. Of course, because of this, he did have to move across the country. I try not to take it personally.

Happy birthday, Josh. I hope you and Sampson get a nice ramble in today followed by some fun with friends. Know you’re in my thoughts today and always. I love you.

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san fran, day 1
posted by soe 1:56 am

I started my business trip to San Francisco luxuriously slowly this morning, which is good since I was up until nearly 4 a.m. East Coast time last night and then was awakened today by a housekeeping knock on the door at 8:30.

I wanted a cup of tea and something to eat, so I threw on some clothes and headed downstairs where I’d read there was a coffee shop. Except, of course, that I’m staying in a fancy hotel, so their version of a coffee shop less resembled a Peet’s or a Starbucks and more an old boys club, down all in dark wood and named “The Oak Room.” Not me, either in price or in atmosphere. (For the record, there is no coffee pot in the hotel room.

So I wandered across the street to Union Square, where I vaguely remembered from previous visits there was a coffee stand. Styled after a French pâtisserie, the shop offered espresso bowls of tea and delightful pastries, including a tasty chocolate croissant. I sat outside in the sun and read my book and watched people and pigeons.

Then I toured the block or so around the hotel. I ordered room service last night because the guy at the desk told me there was nowhere to get dinner at 10 p.m. I’m sure he misunderstood my question and thought I was asking about food options within the hotel instead deliberately neglecting to tell me about the two all-night diners just out the back door. They definitely look more promising for a late-night tea run than room service.

Speaking of which, room service seemed to be a more glamorous idea in my head than it turned out to be in reality. Maybe it would have been different if I’d had company. But otherwise it was just me sitting on the edge of my bed eating an overpriced salad and watching the tail end of Men in Trees. Really nothing exotic about it. Another ideal dashed by the cold water of reality, I’m afraid.

It was a busy afternoon/evening and I have a renewed sense of appreciation for those who stand for a living. Tomorrow also promises to be busy, with lots of interacting with hyper children. But the day ought to end at 5, so I’m hopeful that my friends and I should be able to spend a fun evening out exploring the city and tasting San Francisco’s delicacies.

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