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February 15, 2007

glass branches, rose red, and chasm
posted by soe 11:22 pm

Sorry for the late posting, but it’s been a day of traveling for me, and then the internet in my hotel room in San Francisco didn’t work without some external intervention. In the meantime, three beautiful things from the last week:

1. The branches on the small trees lining my street were solidly encased in ice by the time I walked home from the metro Tuesday evening.

2. Rebs sent me photos of her brand-new niece, who arrived on Jason’s and my birthday. The baby is gorgeous with dark hair and beautiful red lips. Newborns aren’t usually very pretty, but Sophie definitely is.

3. I got bored on the plane flight and opened my window blind (despite the fact that the flight attendants pointed out this is very inconsiderate behavior) so I could actually take advantage of my window seat on the cross-country flight. We must have been somewhere over the Four Corners area because suddenly I saw red rocks and a deep canyon (but not the Grand one).

(About this time I also noticed the plane’s wing flapping as if it were a diving board under Greg Louganis, but that was less beautiful and more scary to think about. But I suppose that someone who took physics would tell me that the wing flexing was actually a good thing because its flexing prevents it from snapping off. Intellectually I understood that. Emotionally? Not so much.)

P.S.: Thank you for all the birthday well-wishes. I appreciated them all.

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