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February 1, 2007

crusts, brisk, and compliment
posted by soe 3:41 pm

I started this post yesterday because I had a hard time believing it wasn’t Thursday already. But now that it actually is Thursday (which I persist in believing is Friday), I offer you three of the beautiful things I encountered last week:

1. I bought some bread at the farmers’ market over the weekend but forgot to put it in a plastic bag, so some of the crusts have gotten particularly tough. I tossed them onto the window well ledge yesterday, and today Posey and Jeremiah get to watch live bird theater from the living room window.

2. There have been problems on my Metro line the last couple days so I’ve walked to work instead of riding the rails. It’s been chilly, but nothing horrible, and by the time I get to work I feel energized and invigorated and ready to face some of the problems that come with the workday. Now if I could just convince my body to get up earlier so I can do it more often…

3. Mum made me a beautiful woolen cape when I was in college. It’s bright pink and cheerful and makes me feel like a gothic heroine whenever I wear it, regardless of my other apparel. On the way home from work on Monday night, a stranger on the Metro complimented me on it, and I got to say, “My mother made it for me.”

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