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February 9, 2007

road to recovery
posted by soe 5:29 pm

I came home Wednesday night after a dinner meeting and a soda with friends to be whalloped by a stomach bug, but I went in to the office this afternoon to take care of a few details, so I must be feeling better finally. Hooray!

Being sick gives one a perspective on daytime tv that one doesn’t normally receive. Folks, it sucks. Let’s see — news, talk shows, judge shows, game shows, and soap operas. Thank goodness for PBS, where even if I hadn’t found BritComs, I would at least have found Sesame Street (even if I would have had to turn it off during “Elmo’s World”).

When I was a kid, being sick meant seeing all sorts of wonderful shows — Green Acres, I Love Lucy, Perry Mason. What ever happened to mindless, but harmless fluff?

I think tonight will be low-key and will involve easy things like introducing solid foods (cinnamon toast, here I come!), stockinette stitch, and vegging in front of the tv.

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