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August 31, 2005

five blogs to check out
posted by soe 6:02 pm

Given I hadn’t heard about Blog Day 2005 until this morning, I’m unprepared to nominate five recent additions to the Blogosphere. But I can share with you five blogs from around the world that I think deserve a daily read:

Keep the Coffee Coming: Kat shares music (folk on weekdays, thematic choices on weekends), photos, and memories from her Cape Cod home.

Delicious:days: Nicky writes from Munich, blending a love of food with a clean design and phenomenal photography.

Blog of a Bookslut: Jessa in Chicago and Michael in Albuquerque (at least I think that’s where he’s from) provide weekday updates on the literary world-at-large, adding their own witty insights to each entry.

Count Your Sheep: Adrian from Mexico City draws this sweet web comic about Katie, Ship, and Laurie. Technically, I shouldn’t count it as a blog, but Adrian also includes little notes with most days’ comic, so we’ll classify it as a blog at least for today.

The Traveler’s Lunchbox: Melissa in Edinburgh describes lovely dishes — whether at home or abroad — and makes my mouth water on a regular basis.

After you’ve checked out my suggestions, investigate what other bloggers think are worthy reads.

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