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August 12, 2005

where oh where
posted by soe 11:39 pm

Where oh where has my tomato gone?
Where oh where can it be?
With its red, rolly shape and its great bite and taste
Where oh where can it be?

No, seriously? Have you seen a cherry tomato? Homegrown? I made the mistake of clearing the rest of the stuff off the counter and then going out for the evening with friends. I came home — one still on the counter, one on the floor by the cats dish, one … where?

The cats look guilty, but refuse to tell me where they hid this new toy.

If you were a cherry tomato, where would you be?


8/13/05 Update: The missing cherry tomato has been relocated (and, for good measure, consumed). Thank you for your concern.

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posted by soe 1:32 pm

My internal clock is all screwed up today.

Yesterday, I got up early to take Rudi to the airport. I had a four-hour nap in the evening and awoke for a rather groggy dinner at 9:15 or so.

Apparently my body didn’t feel it was necessary to go back to sleep at a reasonable hour (or it just missed a warm body next to me), because I tossed and turned all night.

I ignored both the alarm clock and my cell phone’s alarms this morning and ended up oversleeping.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday. I’m planning to sleep in!

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